[CQ-Contest] "Please copy..."

James Neiger n6tj at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 26 21:12:51 EDT 2002

And by natural extension, the next step is to preface our CW exchanges with
a polite "please copy"?  Give me a break, please.

Jim Neiger
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> Scott Nichols sagely noted that....
> "I think, for many people, the "please copy" acts
> as an instinctive "bridge"...." and also noted
> "..It also seems a little more friendly..."
> K3FT opined.. What I learned from chatting with
> the pros in this world is that even though the
> guiding rule is 'A-B-C' (Accuracy, Brevity,
> Clarity) when transmitting traffic, the all
> important, yet intangible 'human factor' must be
> considered.
> The insertion of the 'Please Copy...' prior to
> the start of the message (on voice circuits)
> helps to impart a small but valuable bit of 'the
> personal touch' in the mix.
> Another purpose is to give the recieving
> operators mind a chance to 'lock in' and be
> absolutely ready to copy what follows. Even
> though you know that the other guy is ready
> because he responsded 'K3FT send your traffic'
> and you start transmitting.. a 'Please copy...'
> before the 'number xxx...' and the rest of the
> preamble simply gives him a 1/4 of  a second to
> energize the brain/body to begin actually
> writing/typing.  The slight delay allows him to
> move from the act of transmiting 'K3FT, Send your
> traffic', put down the mic, ready his
> pencil/fingers, and be absolutely ready to copy
> whatever you send next.
> Regardless of how good you are, there is ALWAYS a
> slight delay from the time you stop transmitting
> your readiness to receive and  your full
> readiness to copy. The 'Please copy' allows the
> human factor of a pleasantry to occur while
> providing that needed delay so the reciever can
> be assured of having all in place to copy.
> That is all it really is. What I was taught is we
> strive for 'A-B-C' but maintaining a small bit of
> 'human pleasantry' in the mix is OK.
> 73
> Chuck K3FT
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