[CQ-Contest] Please copy THIS....

jljarvis jljarvis at adelphia.net
Thu Jun 27 10:14:36 EDT 2002

What an inane debate.  But then, FD always highlights the need
for operator training.

Clearly, when there is time available for social pleasantry,
it's appropriate.  Yet, "Please Copy" has a function.  It denotes 
the start of formal traffic.  By extension, it has been applied 
by some to contest exchanges.  So what?  Other than being slow,
does it matter?  

Clearly, it's more efficient to confirm the other stn's callsign 
instead, e.g.:  "k2bmi, 5a VT".   And the response?  "thanks, w1moo, FD"  
Note, the "thanks" pleasantry is also confirmation of receipt, and therefore 
procedural.  Repeating your callsign allows the other guy to confirm 
he got it right, at the same time as trolling for the next one.

If you want to look at efficient communications, monitor an
air traffic control net for a while.  Like perhaps NY Center,
or approach or departure control at any major metropolitan
airport.  Or be adventurous, and monitor Center, approach,
departure, tower AND ground, all at once.  

With 180 knot aircraft on approach moving at 3 mile separation or less, 
takeoffs and landings at 60 second intervals,  motion on the
ground gated in between--comm's are pretty much formatted, 
cut and dried, all business, with formal readback.  

And yet, in all but the busiest of times there's time for g'day, g'night, 
good flight, thank you sir, and see you later.  In lighter times 
you might even hear "nice day for flying, see you on the way back."  

At all but the largest and fastest of dxpeditions in peak times,
they put contesters to shame.  So what's all the blather about? 
Did anyone EVER see single station peak FD rates over 200/hour?   

Nice day for flying...OR radio.  Contact departure one two one point three, 
G'day.  (note, we don't need OVER...the courtesy is procedural.)

Jim N2EA

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