[CQ-Contest] ARRL DX CW article input solicitation

Scott R. w4pa at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 28 11:58:06 EDT 2002


This is my first post to the contest reflector in 
13 months...wheretheheckhaveIbeen?

I am in the process of writing the summary article for
QST magazine for the 2002 ARRL DX CW contest.  I am soliciting
your input.  In particular, I would like anecdotal stories
about your operating during the contest, pictures, rate
sheet, etc.  If you think you may have finished in the top 10
in ANY category, I'd particularly like to have your rate 
sheet and station description info for the detailed write-up
that will be posted to the contest section on the ARRL
web site.  If your current station description is accurate
in the N4ZR/PVRC contest station database, let me know.

I am particularly interested in hearing perspective from
casual contesters on their contest experience.  Don't be shy.

Anything you think I ought to know that might be good to
add to the write-up, send it to me!

I know a number of you were sick or taking care of sick
family members that weekend as the flu bug ravaged North
America - if you have an anecdote about that, great.

I may also contact some of you directly by email as well
asking questions.  No guarantee that anything will or will
not be part of the article as editing, of course, is up to
the League for the mag article.  There is much less
constraint on the content for the web site so let's fill
'er up!  

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Scott Robbins, W4PA
w4pa at yahoo.com

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