[CQ-Contest] best pc power supply to eliminate rfi?

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Wed Sep 4 15:44:07 EDT 2002

At 12:44 PM 9/4/02 -0500, Michael Brown wrote:
>I've ran into this one myself Jamie. My son
>works in the computer field, and he said they
>used Antec cases back when I was having
>the problem. This one I use is a 300 watt PS
>and the case is heavy.

I recently bought an Antec SX-630 ATX case from Provantage with a 300-watt 
PS -- seems like I paid about $70 plus shipping for the whole thing.  Very 
sturdy, two fans, easy access, yet little fan noise, and the PS appears to 
be totally silent for RFI.

That being said, many inexpensive power supplies these days leave out 
essential AC line filter capabilities.  you can put this right by swapping 
the power input jack for one of the Qualtek units with an integral AC line 
filter -- I think they took these over from Corcom, whose filters John W0UN 
recommended a few years ago.

73, Pete N4ZR
Sometimes a tower is just a tower

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