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I have traveled twice with HF radios since 9/11. Neither time did I have any 
more than the usual problems.

The first was in February of 2002 on a trip from here (LA) to French 
Polynesia. Radios were an FT990 and pwr supply in a dedicated Pelican case an 
an IC735. We (my companion and I) were pulled out of line to have our checked 
baggage (all five pieces) x-rayed while we watched. The only bag identified 
for opening was the pelican case. It was opened, the radio swabbed for 
"residue" and the test was passed. Close it, lock it, no problem. There was 
an IC735 in another checked bag and it was never questioned at all. On the 
return (from Bora Bora, through Papeete to LAX) no questions at all, except 
for the weight. Airline was Air Tahiti Nui.

In June 2002, I was one of 6 people traveling via LGB and Chicago to San 
Juan, PR for FD as the "gringo" component of the NP4A team. We had four HF 
radios in either original shipping boxes or pelican cases as checked bags. No 
questions on any of the radios, either on the trip out or the return (same 
itinerary). Airline was United.

The only item questioned (and this has happened to me on every international 
trip including those before 9/11) is my paddles which always travel in carry 
on. They are always questioned and examined and the question is always the 
same: "What are those for?", "Sending Morse Code", "Gee, really?, that's 
cool! OK, go ahead".

As always, YMMV.

Good luck with the trip ... see you Sunday probably at N6AA's.

73 de Bill, W1HIJ/6, FO8DX, NP4A, et al

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