[CQ-Contest] Chinese Prefix List needed...

Michael Chen kitty at lance-tech.net
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HI, Tim,
	I have the same list as yours. I telephoned CRSA a few minutes
ago, and the staff confirmed the correctness of this list. 
	For prefixes:

BY		Club stations
BA,BD,BG	personal stations
BT		special event stations
B		1 by 1 calls, like B4R, B7K are contest stations
BI		IOTA operations
BV, BX, BM	Stations in Taiwan
BO		IOTA operations in Taiwan
BS7		Huangyan Is. (Scarborough Reef)
BQ9		Dongsha Is. (Pratas Is.)

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> I am trying to get hold of a correct list of Chinese prefix 
> allocations. The one I have is copied below, but I believe 
> there may be an error in it. I have emailed various BY hams 
> with websites at QSL.NET, also the CRSA, but got no reply.
> These sites have the same list on them: 
> http://www.ac6v.com/prefixes.htm 

I have been in correspondence with a gentleman at CQ headquarters, and
he believes that the entries for 9AA-9FZZ and 9MA-9RZZ are reversed. How
can I be sure ??

If anyone has contacts in BY, please can you forward this email to them.

Thanking you in advance,
Best 73s Tim EI8IC


Suffix        Province
1AA-1XZZ  Bei Jing
2AA-2HZZ  Hei Long Jiang
2IA-2PZZ   Ji Lin
2QA-2XZZ  Liao Ning
3AA-3FZZ  Tian Jin
3GA-3LZZ   Nei Mongol
3MA-3RZZ  Hei Bei
3SA-3XZZ  Shan Xi
4AA-4HZZ  Shang Hai
4IA-4PZZ   Shan Dong
4QA-4XZZ  Jiang Su
5AA-5HZZ  Zhe Jiang
5IA-5PZZ   Jiang Xi
5QA-5XZZ  Fu Jian
6AA-6HZZ  An Hui
6IA-6PZZ   He Nan
6QA-6XAA  Hu Bei
7AA-7HZZ  Hu Nan
7IA-7PZZ   Guang Dong
7QA-7XZZ Guang Xi
7YA-7YZZ HaiNan
8AA-8FZZ Si Chuan
8GA-8LZZ Chong Qing
8MA-8RZZ Gui Zhou
8SA-8XZZ Yun Nan
9AA-9FZZ Shaan Xi
9GA-9LZZ Gan Su
9MA-9RZZ Ning Xia
9SA-9XZZ Qing Hai
0AA-0FZZ Xin Jiang
0GA-0LZZ Xi Zang

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