[CQ-Contest] Headset Mic vs. Boom Mic

Leigh S. Jones kr6x at kr6x.com
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Ultimately the correct answer depends on the effectiveness of the
microphone over the air.  If the desk mic. has the edge in talk
power then all of the convenience of a headset mic does you no

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> Well, I have had good luck in the past with getting excellent advice
> so I thought I would put this one out...
> I am setting up my "contest station" which will be for
> contesting.  I know that using the standard hand mic with my rig is
not the
> most optimum setup - kinda hard to log at the same time.  Mainly I
S&P, but
> have been known to do (or at least attempt to do) a run.  I will be
using a
> foot switch for PTT of course, but I am debating whether to use a
> mic or a boom mic.  What are the advantages/disadvantages to each?
> cost roughly the same, so that isn't a factor here, I just want to
get the
> one that I will be the most useful for my particular needs.
> TNX es 73
> Dennis - WB0WAO
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