[CQ-Contest] Unsportsmanlike conduct

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Most (perhaps all) Moslem (Muslim) and/or Arab countries
will not permit QSO's with 4X.  When I lived in Israel in
the early 1980's I remember my 4X license prohibited QSO's
with most (perhaps all) Arab countries, but not
(necessarily) with the non-Arab Muslim countries.  (Not all
Muslims are Arabs and not all Arabs are Muslims.)

One morning I heard an AP2 working a pileup.  I checked the
license and did not see Pakistan listed, so I called.
Apparently, Pakistan hams cannot work Israel, because he
came back with "4X6FY, I'm not allowed to work you, but
you're five by nine."  I responded with something along the
lines of Oops, well you're five by nine here too.  He had a
stateside QSL manager, so I figured there was nothing lost
sending a QSL.  If memory serves, I received his back in due

I guess it would have been worse had EO6F worked USA
stations and left them out of his log.  Whether what he did
constituted disqualifiable unsportmanlike conduct or not I
don't know, but at least you knew where he stood.

I would suggest that Tree's examples are irrelevant because
this is an everybody works everybody contest.

Maybe we'll see the reimposition of banned countries lists
as this [censored] war continues; perhaps they'll be
unilateral.  I remember the USA having one in the early
60's.  I don't think any questions concerning its
particulars or its existence were on the examinations
however.  Oh, well.

I guess I don't feel as wrought up about EO6F because I just
"dabble" in the various contests.  No doubt it might be a
different story were I a serious contender (or wannabee
serious contender).  Maybe it's like being jilted by a girl.
Maybe another will come along who won't tell you to get
lost.  Think of it as more her loss than yours, that she
lost out on dating a fascinating fellow; or in this case,
lotsa multipliers and QSO points.


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"but one of the premises of contesting is that it requires
cooperation of all stations involved."

Independent of the irrational actions of an individual ham,
politics have always been a hidden part of ham radio:
not all countries can be worked by all other countries.

When I operated BY1PK in 1984 I was required to agree
that I would not work certain countries (4X4, BV, and
two others that had pissed off the PRC that I can't
immediately recall).  Last year at Dayton, the DXpedition
to Syria reported they had had 24 hour monitoring to ensure
that they did not QSO with 4X4, and I believe Syria is not
alone in their restrictions in working 4X4s.

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