[CQ-Contest] Sound bite phrases

S. Markowski Jr. km9m-zig at attbi.com
Thu Apr 3 04:33:39 EST 2003

As I was told by my Elmer a long time ago........ and I don't remember 
the call of the station that did this:

CQ CQ CQ....No Kids, No Lids, No Funny Calls.....
W and K -  1 by 3's only

Zig KM9M

k3ft at erols.com wrote:
> As I remember from late 50s possibly early 60s, the ditty went
>  No WAs ( Double-U-AAAs), No WBs (No Double-U-Bees),
>  No Lids, No Kids, No Space Cadets, please....
> de k3ft.. He had a number of them, variations on the main one 'No kids, no lids, no 
> space cadets. Class A operators only'.  I have heard the standard one, but was told that 
> he would vary his patter depending on mood, QRM, and whether or not he was being 
> baited/called by WA/WB etc.  As has been noted by others.. (and I myself) He was viewed 
> with a sort of 'fondness' (not seroius fondness, but rueful smile 'he's 
> eccentric' fondness) as 'our little non-offensive slightly weird crazy eccentric 
> relative of the family that we put up with as he is harmless'  
> There were others, but he is the one that seems to have the widest legacy of those who 
> heard him, know of him, or have knowledge of his antics.  
> 73
> Chuck K3FT
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