[CQ-Contest] Sound bite phrases

k3ft at erols.com k3ft at erols.com
Wed Apr 2 18:26:05 EST 2003

As I remember from late 50s possibly early 60s, the ditty went

 No WAs ( Double-U-AAAs), No WBs (No Double-U-Bees),
 No Lids, No Kids, No Space Cadets, please....

de k3ft.. He had a number of them, variations on the main one 'No kids, no lids, no 
space cadets. Class A operators only'.  I have heard the standard one, but was told that 
he would vary his patter depending on mood, QRM, and whether or not he was being 
baited/called by WA/WB etc.  As has been noted by others.. (and I myself) He was viewed 
with a sort of 'fondness' (not seroius fondness, but rueful smile 'he's 
eccentric' fondness) as 'our little non-offensive slightly weird crazy eccentric 
relative of the family that we put up with as he is harmless'  

There were others, but he is the one that seems to have the widest legacy of those who 
heard him, know of him, or have knowledge of his antics.  

Chuck K3FT

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