[CQ-Contest] An evil reason behind fishy spots?

k3ft at erols.com k3ft at erols.com
Thu Apr 10 20:37:34 EDT 2003

n4gi at tampabay.rr.com wrote:

What if the spotted stations couldn't handle the pileups efficiently, and their
rate actually DECREASED after each spot (yes, that's right. cluster spots =
more LIDS).

Then.....(as Shaggy and Scooby pull the mask off of the crook)
I hypothesize that the multiple spots were made by ENEMIES of the stations
being spotted in order to sabotage their scores.....

de k3ft... Now THERE'S a ponderment, indeed! Seriously, does anyone think that this 
tactic REALLY has any value? As my job requires me to think of things which may be used 
to screw up the works so I can plan 'countermeasures' for the 'what if' scenario, I 
find myself seriously wondering if that tactice would, indeed, have such an effect as 
N4GI (tongue in cheek) references?

My intial thought is to say NO, because a highly prized (rare) station is going to be 
pounced upon anyway and have a hellish pileup BUT such a tactic WOULD serve to overload 
the calling side by raising the QRM level by several orders of magnitude. Call it 
'PUDOS' PileUp Denial Of Service attack.

I got it!  When it happens we will have 

PUDOS! (PEW DOS)  That defines the syndrome and the stench surrounding such a mess.


Chuck K3FT

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