[CQ-Contest] Fishy spots in WPX SSB

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Fri Apr 11 21:19:11 EDT 2003

Sounds to me like Cluster needs an authentication system... the next big
thing perhaps? PGP signed cluster login: you are who you claim to be... ;o)
Could be a rather interesting development.

Cormac, EI4HQ

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> While I also found the reported 'stats'
> interesting, from a purely technical
> perspective..
> As others have noted.. it is IMPOSSIBLE, without
> some verifiable methodology to confirm the
> identity of a station who logs on to post, to
> know if the poster is REALLY who they purport to
> be.
> At best.. the most you can do is state 'Someone
> posting under XX3XX spotted such and such and
> XX3XX is related to the spotted station in such a
> manner'.
> DQ'ing someone simply on the basis of reported
> spots gets into a VERY hairy thicket of problems.
> I have no problem with people spotting their
> friends or stations that they recognize. Heck, if
> we go after THOSE folks, we might as well
> chastise, DQ, or cut off almost EVERY contest
> Club in the United States!
> SMC, PVRC, FRC, YCCC, NCCC (just to name a few of
> the more well known ones) members ALL do it (me
> too and will continue to do so).
> The point is not whether or not a buddy spots a
> station he frequents, or is a QSL manager for a
> DX station, or even if they are a member of a
> club.. the point is more related to HOW to handle
> identification of people who spot.. (if you want
> to truly engage in REALLY EFFECTIVE enforcement)
> AND.. more importantly.. EDUCATING people as the
> ethics and proprieity of the way things should be
> done.
> just my 65.4 cents worth.
> 73
> Chuck K3FT
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