[CQ-Contest] Fishy spots in WPX SSB

H Brakob brakob at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 11 21:09:11 EDT 2003

> [Original Message]
> From: Dallas Carter <ludal at dmv.com>

> Hans' point could be extended to eliminate
> my spiffy computer logging program, commercial towers,
> store bought antennas, SO2R boxes, and electronic keyers.

I don't agree.  

BEFORE the contest  (emphasis on "Before") you have engineered up the best
station you can to play in the contest.  If you're a better station
designer than me, you have earned an advantage (emphasis on "earned"). 

DURING the contest,, it should be my station and my skills pitted against
your station and your skills.  Outside assistance in the forms of clusters
and spotting nets is just exactly that -- outside assistance, like having
someone lead the tiger out in front of your rifle.

"Un chasseur sachant chasser chasse sans son chien."

73, de Hans, K0HB

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