[CQ-Contest] Fishy spots in WPX SSB

Dallas Carter ludal at dmv.com
Sat Apr 12 09:46:59 EDT 2003

>    Packet spots can and are used by cheaters.  Not all who use packet are
> cheaters,    just those who self-spot and suck spots without declaring
> assisted operator status.
> Bill K4XS
Points well taken Bill, but eliminating packet from contests by rule does
prevent cheating any more than putting up a speed limit sign.  I also don't
think we need policemen to control contests.  Those who cheat, already
know who they are, and most of us who are actively involved in contesting
recognize the difference between a skilled operator and a cheat.  I think
that the great majority of competitors are honorable.  There are a few that
get far too much ink for their sly self serving operating practices.

See you in the FQP
73  Dallas W3PP

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