[CQ-Contest] Falsehood being spread on the Internet

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Apr 23 18:34:52 EDT 2003

Many pieces of e-mail have entered my in-box in the past day regarding 
the Love Bug and how it is such a big problem for Florida mobilers in 
the FQP.  Many have said this is due to an experiment gone wrong done at 
the University of Florida.  Supposedly the experiment was to limit the 
mosquito population in Florida, and it was science gone bad.

While I am all in favor of eliminating the mosquito,

THIS IS NOT TRUE and I refer you to this web page for a summary of yet 
another Urban Legend spread over the internet.


(Thanks URL WD4AHZ)

Also, thanks to everyone who has suggested we cover ourselves, I mean 
our cars, with baby oil to avoid the problem of not being able to get 
rid of the dead Love Bug carcasses (carcii?) which soon will adorn our 
FQP mobile team's vehicles.  Interesting idea, but here in FL some use 
baby oil to enhance their tans - yowza!

The mobile teams may be even further encrusted with SK Love Bugs (should 
that be SB for Silent Bugs?) due to the recent addition of yet another 
plaque in the FQP program! N4OX is sponsoring a plaque for Most Counties 
Activated In FQP... Interesting to note that North Florida where N4OX 
lives is sometimes known for speed traps, and that he is an officer of 
the law! "But officer I was only going 40 words per minute!"

Another hot idea has come from W5WMU who has "kicked it up a notch" and 
offered a supply of Louisiana Hot Sauce to the station that works the 
most mobiles!  Thanks, Pat - we mobiles feel this is just what the 
Doctor ordered!

Again, the myth that the Love Bug is a genetic experiment gone bad at 
the University of Florida is untrue - most likely spread by some of the 
Florida State Alumnae!  Nothing like a little in state FL rivalry... 
witness some of that this weekend in the FQP - thanks to you we're 
working everybody!


Jim, K4OJ

Three days (or 368 if you live in WA) until the FQP...now where's that 

Web site for the FQP: http://www.floridaqsoparty.org

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