[CQ-Contest] Indiana QSO Party May 3

Mel Crichton kj9c at iquest.net
Thu Apr 24 11:53:16 EDT 2003

For the first time, all 92 Indiana counties will be represented in the May 3
Indiana QSO Party.

With 9 mobiles committed (see map and rules at www.hdxcc.org/inqp) and a
number of fixed stations we're looking at some activity for once.
Overlapping with the MARAC CW county hunter contest and the New England QSO
Party, we encourage Hoosier hams to work MARAC and NEQP mobiles whenever
they change counties. Even though it's a dupe in INQP, it's more points for
the NEQP and MARAC folks... and we have mobiles, too.

And if the weather is good, look for KB9AX/aero mobile !!!

Hope to work you opn May 3

Mel KJ9C/m
Hoosier DX and Contest Club
Sponsor, IN QSO Party

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