[CQ-Contest] Re: Internet Augmented Contesting

sawyered at earthlink.net sawyered at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 25 05:12:08 EDT 2003

Guys, maybe I am in the minority, but I enjoy contesting because of the
challenges of operating the RADIO not starring at a computer screen.  I fail
to get as excited about contesting becoming better when all of the talk has
nothing to do with CONTESTING and everything to do with the computer and
internet.  I can tell you one thing, the longer you are starring at that
screen marvelling at the real time data, the faster you will realize how far
behind you are becoming, because some of us are starring at the rate meter
and deciding whether we are running on the right band.

Just my opinion.

Ed  N1UR, a contester not a computer geek (since when did ham radio become 
the same as computer geek, did I miss a press release?)

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