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Il regolamento in italiano è disponibile all'indirizzo: 

The 2002 results are available at 

The ARI International DX Contest 2003


It’s a worldwide competition: everyone can work everyone

Date and time:

 From 20:00 Utc of Saturday 03 may 2003 to 19:59 Utc of 04 may Sunday 2003


1)                 Single Operator CW

2)                 Single Operator SSB

3)                 Single Operator Digital (all digital modes)

4)                 Single Operator Mixed

5)                 Multi Operator Single TX Mixed

6)                 SWL Single Operator Mixed


CW and SSB 160m-80m-40m-20m-15m-10m

Digital 80m-40m-20m-15m-10m

Band and mode can be changed only after 10 minutes you have been on it.


Italian stations send RST + two letters to identify their province.

Other stations send RST + serial number starting from 001


1)      Each Italian Province (103) count 1 (one) multiplier

2)      Each DXCC country (except I, IS0, IT9 & IG9) count 1 (one) multiplier

The same multiplier can be counted once and only once per band regardless 
the mode.

The 103 Italian provinces by call-area are:

I1:       AL, AT, BI, CN, GE, IM, NO, SP, SV, TO, VB, VC

IX1:       AO

I2:       BG, BS, CO, CR, LC, LO, MI, MN, PV, SO, VA

I3:       BL, PD, RO, TV, VE, VI, VR

IN3:      BZ, TN

IV3:      GO, PN, TS

I4 :      BO, FE, FO or FC, MO, PR, PC, RA, RE, RN

I5:       AR, FI, GR, LI, LU, MS, PI, PO, PT, SI

I6:       AN, AP, AQ, CH, MC, PS or PU, PE, TE

I7:       BA, BR, FG, LE, MT, TA

I8:       AV, BN, CB, CE, CS, CZ, IS, KR, NA, PZ, RC, SA, VV

I0:       FR, LT, PG, RI, Roma or RM, TR, VT

IT9:      CL, CT, EN, ME, PA, RG, SR, TP, AG

IS0:      CA, NU, SS, OR

Qso points:

1)      Qso/Hrd with own country 0 (zero) points but is good for the 
multipliers credit

2)      Qso/Hrd with own continent 1 (one) point

3)      Qso/Hrd with different continents 3 (three) points

4)      Qso/Hrd with Italian stations 10 points

The same station can be worked 3 times for band one in SSB one in CW and 
one in DIGITAL, but only the first qso is valid for multipliers credit:

Remember I, IS0, IT9 and IG9 isn’t good for country-multipliers.


The final score is the result of the total QSO points multiplied by the sum 
of your all band multiplier.


SWL have the same rules of OM.

The same station cannot appear more than 3 (Three) times on every band, 
regardless of mode, as a correspondent.

Log Instructions:
1. All times must be in GMT.
2. All sent and received exchanges are to be logged.
3. Indicate multiplier only the FIRST TIME it is worked on each band.
4. Logs must be checked for duplicate contacts, correct QSO points and 
multipliers. Submitted   logs must have duplicate contacts clearly shown.
5. We want an electronic log. The Committee requires an electronic log for 
any possible high score.

E-MAIL Required Content: We strongly recommend you submit the Cabrillo file 
created by all major logging programs. If Cabrillo is unavailable, then:

(1)   A SUMMARY sheet in plain-text ASCII, and (2) your LOG in plain-text 

These files may be sent in either one message or in separate messages. Be 
sure to put the STATION CALLSIGN and the MODE in the "Subject:" line of 
each message.
Your log should be sent in plain-text ASCII format. Every logging program 
has the option of producing an ASCII text log. Acceptable submissions can 
also include all other fixed-column ASCII formats. If you must send a 
binary file, it will have to be encoded. All popular encoding schemes are 
acceptable, including UUencode, Base64, and BinHex. Your software may 
automatically encode your log as an attachment.

E-mail Logs must be submitted before 04 June 2003  at 
<mailto:aricontest at ari.it>aricontest at ari.it

DISKS: If you use a computer, please send your IBM, MS-DOS compatible 
computer disk. A disk containing your files may be submitted in lieu of a 
paper log. All disks MUST be accompanied by a PAPER summary sheet 
satisfying all logging instructions. Label your disk clearly with YOUR 
CALL, files included, the mode (SSB or CW), and your category. The format 
we require for the most common logging programs is your CT.all file (e.g. 
HSØAC.all), N6TR. DAT, or NA.QDF files. Name your file correctly (for 
example, HSØAC.all).
Use a separate sheet for each band.
Each entry must be accompanied by a summary sheet showing all scoring 
information, category of competition, contestant's name and address in 
BLOCK LETTERS, and a signed declaration that all contest rules and 
regulations for amateur radio in the country of operation have been observed.

Paper and Disks Logs must be submitted before 04 June 2003 at the follow 
address :

       ARI Contest Manager

       I4UFH Fabio Schettino

       P.O. BOX 1677

40100 Bologna


The Committee crosscheck only the stations with at least 50% of points of 
the first placed in the same class.

Penalties and disqualifications:

Disqualifications are apply for:

1)                 Excessive number of unmarked duplicates qso (more than 2%)

2)                 Violation of the 10 minutes rule (either for band and mode)

3)                 Excessive declared score (more than 5%)

4)                 Log without the summary sheet


1)                 Each duplicate contact removed by the Contest Committee 
means a penalty of the deletion of the next one qso (if it is multiplier 
we’ll remove also the multiplier credit)

2)                 Each multiplier counted twice or more on the same band 
means a penalty of 2 multipliers

3)                 Each not-existing or unverifiable qso logged means 
penalty of the deletion of the next one qso (if it is multiplier we’ll 
remove also the multiplier credit)


A plaque with a certificate will be awarded to the top scoring station in 
each class.

The Contest Committee can award special plaque if 
country/continental/call-area participations will justify the decision.

A certificate will be awarded to the 5 top scoring stations in each class 
as well as to the top scoring stations in each country in each class.

Special award:

Two very attractive, large size plaques will be awarded by Santa Barbara 
Contesters to keep alive the memory of IN3ANE, Pietro Fiorito.

The plaques will be assigned one to the station with the best score 
achieved by a OM under 21 years of age and the other to the best score 
achieved by a SWL under 18 years of age.

In order to qualify to these awards, entrants must clearly indicate their 
age and birth date on the summary sheet.


This contest is supported directly by following software:

UA1AAF (Freeware) <mailto:rz1awo at sp.ru>rz1awo at sp.ru

WF1B for RTTY <http://wf1b.com/>http://wf1b.com

N6TR <http://qth.com/n6tr>http://qth.com\n6tr

CT by K1EA <http://www.k1ea.com/>http://www.k1ea.com (use DX-Pedition)

Super Duper <http://www.ei5di.com/>http://www.ei5di.com

WRITELOG <http://writelog.com/>http://writelog.com

WINCONTEST (Freeware) 

Good luck in the contest de I4UFH & IK0XBX

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