[CQ-Contest] If You Don't QSL, LISTEN UP!

Bill w5vx at HILINE.NET
Tue Aug 5 16:32:35 EDT 2003

Folks, Tom has it right. Many beginners start contesting because they are
building their DXCC/state/county QSL totals. I am still waiting for 4 QSLs
(SASE) for my 5BWAZ from 2002 CQWW. If you find some excuse not to QSL, they
will remember you and all of us will be painted with the same brush! QSLing
is not that tough if you keep up with it. I can imagine that if you let your
QSLs build up for a long time, QSLing could be a real pain. Soon you will be
able to upload your log to LOTW and you won't need to QSL, at least for some

I might presume to include a couple of additional rules. I always respond to
QSLs that come via the bureau through the outgoing bureau. I always include
all of the the "un-qsled" QSOs with that station as well (it saves QSL

Bill, W5VX

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The reason to answer QSL's may be even more simple and elegant. The only
reason non-contesters may become our log fodder is for that QSL. Since I
live in a
rare Nevada County, all SASE QSL requests are answered promptly. All bureau
cards are answered within a month or two. I want ALL the boys calling in
contest season.

Two other rules. I will not answer a stateside QSL without an SAE or SASE,
unless it is from a brand new ham. I will not answer e-qsl's until LOTW is

Tom, K5RC
aka W7TTT, KN7NV
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