[CQ-Contest] If You Don't QSL, LISTEN UP!

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Thu Aug 7 12:35:24 EDT 2003

I think what would be helpful to everyone, is if each person
stated his QSLing policy on his QRZ.COM listing. If you
require greenbacks instead of IRCs, if you QSL only via
the buro, if you don't answer stateside cards unless
they have an SASE, etc - state that policy on QRZ.com
so folks will know what to expect. If you are way behind,
just say "I will answer all QSLs, but I am busy with work
and family now, so please be patient". This sort of
thing would go a long way towards solving these sorts
of problems.

I have switched to computer logging for all QSO now, so
that I don't have to fill out cards by hand. When I get a
batch of cards from the bureau, my logging program lets
me flag the QSOs which need confirmed, and then I
batch print the labels. Its still a lot of work, but much
easier than going through logs manually and filling out
cards manually.

73 de Mike, W4EF............................................

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