[CQ-Contest] If You Don't QSL, LISTEN UP!

Bob Wanderer aa0cy at quadnet.net
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That's why I use mint stamps of the country I'm sending the
QSL to.  Plus SAE of course.  100% success rate so far.

I lived overseas for a while and operated from there.  IRCs
were a pain, especially since my knowledge of the local
language was not sufficient to handle problems like
incorrectly-stamped coupons.


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I feel I do not have obligation to anything else than

Direct QSLling takes much time.
Over 600% more than buro cards.

Normal process is:
Open envelope
Find one IRC, QSL, self addressed envelope
Find QSO details in QSL
Find the QSL for that callsign I used
Find QSO details in log
Write the QSL
Check the envelope it has all information written
Place QSL in envelope
Seal the envelope
Place the IRC in pile
Handle the QSL that came (either to collection or bin)
Handle the trash like the envelope
**the above takes approx 8-10 minutes per QSL as there
are several years old requests

Drive to post office
See the personnel faces showing "the IRC no-good-person is
back.. OH NO !"
Give the IRCs to the person that looks less unhappy
Person counts the IRCs
The person re-counts the IRCs
I tell how many are to European Union, elsewhere in Europe
and outside Europe
The person gives stamps to the amount of IRCs and
continental data provided
I go elsewhere to place the stamps on the envelopes
I give the envelopes to the personnel
I drive back home
This takes approx 5 minutes per QSL in batches of 100 or so

Time elapsed 13 minutes per QSL or more.

What is wrong with this?
-In 13 minutes I can process 80 buro cards
-I get nothing but pain of wasting my time going
through the steps above
-post office personnel get frustrated when counting
the IRCs
-I loose motivation to direct cards and cannot
do another batch in 6 months

The steps above are the normal procedure,
which I do twice a year.

Some QSLs are unclear
Some QSLs are not claiming QSO with me
Some QSL shipments contain unusual money
 -banks take fees for handling foreign currency..!
Some SASEs do not have the country written on
Some guys send QSLs in one or two week intervals in case
they do not get the reply QSL instantly

Of course if there is a clear SASE and QSL is clear
and if there is something, like an extra USD or IRC I feel
less bad taking the heat of going to the post office.

Directs just eat up my time.
I am not at all motivated to do directs.

Buro cards are OK.

Jukka OH6LI

PS. there has been times when one USD does not buy a stamp
to DX in Finland..

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> Jim and list:
> I qsl direct SASE's within 2 weeks of receipt. Directs
> without SASE are Q'd via
> the bureau along with the bureau cards, usually every 3
> months. US cards direct
> with SASE see above; all other US cards (direct no SASE
> via the bureau, yes
> I get many every month) are dead filed. If you are in the
> and need a IH9P
> card (SSB operations only) send direct with a SASE and you
> will get a card.

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