[CQ-Contest] Letterman's Top Ten for 2003

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Fri Aug 22 17:19:37 EDT 2003

       Letterman's Top Ten Reasons for Operating the Ohio QSO Party:

10.  The last contest before Labor Day... a good chance to start clearing the 
dust from your radios in anticipation of the fall.

9.    Practice your SO2R techniques here before you embarrass yourself 

8.    You remember all the Ohio activity from your activity in the AQP, CQP, 
DQP, FQP, GQP, IQP, KQP, LQP, MQP, NQP, OQP, PQP, TQP, VQP, or WQP,  and want 
to return the favor.

7.   176 mults, 12 hours.  Take that challenge!

6.   Neat awards - Now including Hamvention Tickets!

5.   Make your callsign familiar to those hoards of 8's who will remember you 
come SS.

4.   With declining sunspots, you've taken up county hunting.

3.   You reflexively respond to PR appeals from guys named Jim.

2.   To show your appreciation for electricity, put some into your radios.

And still number 1:  

1.   No Sunday afternoon blues!  

The Ohio QSO Party  -  Saturday, August 23   -   Noon to Midnight EDT.

Full scoop at:         www.mrrc.net/oqp

See you there!   

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