[CQ-Contest] CQWW - what do I do about unlikely QSO

Scott Nichols snichols at mvosprey.com
Mon Dec 1 13:55:46 EST 2003

1...Claim it...No reason not to as long as he claimed to be in the 
contest and you worked him with valid exchanges...Even if he was a 
pirate you should still claim it, and the sponsor of the contest will 
determine the scoring...Hopefully he made other QSO's as well...

2...Not massaging the log if you haven't changed anything...

73, Scott VE1OP

Roger Parsons wrote:

>I operated SO160(A) in the contest. About 30 minutes
>before the end I was called by a station from one of
>the NA DXCC islands. This was the first time I heard
>him over the weekend and I don't think he was
>previously spotted on any band. I have my doubts about
>whether he was genuine - but I'm sure I copied the
>call and exchange correctly. And of course the extra
>multiplier was very welcome.
>My first question - do I claim him?
>My second question - does this count as massaging the
>log after the event?
>73 Roger
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