[CQ-Contest] Improper packet spotting?

Bernie McClenny, W3UR bernie at dailydx.com
Thu Dec 4 14:47:07 EST 2003

Spot what ever you want and when ever you want.  Just be prepared for
chaos if you spot a rare one on your run frequency!  :)

Bernie, W3UR

Bernie McClenny, W3UR
Editor of The Daily DX, The Weekly DX and How's DX.

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So now you can´t spot certain stations and also you
have to spot in a specific way (ala W3UR), I just
shake my head to it.
Forget it, I will spot any station I feel like spotting,
being a SM2, SM, DL, W2, P5 or whatever I hear on the band.

73 Jim SM2EKM

John Lindmeier wrote:
> I also noticed this happening.  It started about 30 minutes into the
> contest.  Spotting your buddy in the next town so that it will get on
to a
> cluster in Europe goes against the spirit of the contest.  I agree
> Barry, you should only spot stations that you can work for points.
> spotting your buddy in the next town may not be aginst the rules, it
> make one wonder if the stations who participated in this activity made
> arrangements to do it prior to the contest.  If they did, then maybe
> should be classified multi-single ??
> 73 - John - K3ZV
> Frankford Radio Club
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> During the contest, I noted a W1 station doing a lot of spotting of
> stateside stations, many of whom were his fellow YCCC members.  As a
> result of this, one of my fellow FRCers started spotting some of us
> (myself included).
> Is this an accepted practice?  IMO, it shouldn't be.  One of the
> "unwritten" CQWW rules says "active use of packet spotting only." If
> you can't work the station being spotted for points, then you
> shouldn't spot it, right?
> 73,
> Barry W2UP--
> Barry Kutner, W2UP              Internet: w2up at mindspring.com
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