[CQ-Contest] Packet/Dx summit spots

K4BEV at aol.com K4BEV at aol.com
Thu Dec 4 09:26:39 EST 2003

In a message dated 12/4/03 7:52:36 AM Central Standard Time, k1ttt at arrl.net 

> combining all those it makes more sense to spot everything to help maximize 
> everyones score and fun.  

Not "everyones" score and/or fun gets maximized.
Try unassisted LP sometime and see how much FUN it is when about a zillion 
stations start calling the guy you're trying to work in the middle of the QSO.
The practice of dumping one's call without listening is truly pathetic. 
What's wrong with these guys?
ONLY because of this practice, I (and I'm sure others) do not play in SSB-DX 
contests anymore, and won't. The frustration level that these "packet 
pile-ups" create just isn't worth it. While it's not so bad on CW (you still have at 
least a chance of copying each other) it still shows a total disregard for 
everyone else in the contest.
I know that everyone running assisted does not do this, but there sure are a 
lot of 'em.

LISTEN FIRST then transmit - PLEASE ! 

Don - K4BEV

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