[CQ-Contest] DUPES vs ID on each QSO

Dan Eskenazi desk at nwlink.com
Thu Dec 4 09:17:01 EST 2003

Anyone done a study to see how DUPE RATES compare
for fast stations who sign their call everytime, vs those
that only sign it every few (or more) QSOs.
Would guess that high dupe rates are from those
that dont want to wait around and see WHO they are
working.... and work the unidentified station just to be
sure they havent missed someone.

I know that if Ive got several calling me at once (happened
one time at the peak of the cycle :-) ) I will sometimes
not sign my call at the end of the Q,  in order to speed up the next Q.
I would guess that big DX stations would almost always have people in
queue and do the same... maybe thats where the high
dupe rates are coming from.

One can create a real traffic jam by NOT signing often: comprised
of both those calling and NOT knowing who they are calling.....and
those who HAVE worked the station and are hanging around trying
to figure out WHAT to log!!

Danny K7SS

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