[CQ-Contest] Re: Dupes

Dr K Kerr k.kerr at abdn.ac.uk
Thu Dec 4 18:02:16 EST 2003

Hi Jim,
If I am getting a lot of dupe calls I ask myself:

Is there a bum spot out on me on the cluster?
Am I unintelligible....crap signal, sending too fast?
Am I not signing often enough?

I worked CT9L, dunno if it was you ever as op when I did, and I cannot 
answer any of the above questions!!

Best wishes
Keith GM4YXI

At 09:13 04/12/03 +0100, Jan Erik Holm wrote:
>Yes but since I´m sure that over 90 percent do use
>PC loging I can´t understand why so many dupes you.
>In the CT9L M/2 CQWW CW operation that I took part
>in we worked over 300 dupes and that is simply too
>much, people has to shape up and be more carefull.
>73 Jim SM2EKM
>Bernie McClenny, W3UR wrote:
>>It's better to work them than refuse to work them.  If you don't work
>>them they will not call you next time (SS, WPX, other contests).  Also
>>the ones that dupe you are totally clueless and more than likely not in
>>the contest!
>>Bernie McClenny, W3UR
>>Editor of The Daily DX, The Weekly DX and How's DX.
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>>>So once you have secured your zero-point mult, you refuse to give one
>>>to anyone else?
>>  The zero-pointers don't bother me a bit (it's a lot faster to send "5NN
>>than to argue), but last weekend at "The Farm" (W0AIH) I was amazed (and
>>amused) at how many zero-pointers came back later for a dupe!
>>73, de Hans, K0HB
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