[CQ-Contest] Beginner contester question- Duping-Busted etc.

wv0q wv0q at jbelderok.com
Thu Dec 4 15:47:52 EST 2003


This might have been answered before if so sri abt the BW.

A station calls me, say, KB0EEA and I INaccurately log them as KB0EEE
and continue merrily on my way

X amount of time passes and the REAL KB0EEE calls, I wud inform him that
he was a dupe.
He says no.
I say yes here's the data that I have.
He says that was not him 
If I agree, and/or give up the argument and log him he immediately
becomes a dupe.

Do I:
Go back and change/negate the previous EEA/EEE qso? If so how add
letters KB0EEAX?
Do I leave the real EEE qso alone and then..
It gets tagged as a dupe

But during log checking they will come to see that I busted EEA/EEE  --
negative points happen ok that’s gud.
Then does the REAL EEE become an-unDupe and I get credit?
How does this all work?

Jacq NEØO ex wv0q

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