[CQ-Contest] Beginner contester question- Duping-Busted etc.

Kenneth E. Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
Fri Dec 5 07:21:57 EST 2003

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 03:47:52PM -0600, wv0q wrote:
> Hello,
> This might have been answered before if so sri abt the BW.
> A station calls me, say, KB0EEA and I INaccurately log them as KB0EEE
> and continue merrily on my way
> X amount of time passes and the REAL KB0EEE calls, I wud inform him that
> he was a dupe.
> He says no.
> I say yes here's the data that I have.
> He says that was not him 
> If I agree, and/or give up the argument and log him he immediately
> becomes a dupe.

You should never argue - it's always faster to simply work someone you 
think is a dupe.  When someone has called you for the third or fourth time, 
or calls twice in a span of two or three minutes then, you can suggest
that "we've already worked" and maybe prevent further dupes from the same 
> Do I:
> Go back and change/negate the previous EEA/EEE qso? If so how add
> letters KB0EEAX?

You should not edit the previous QSO.  You should not remove it, either.

> Do I leave the real EEE qso alone and then..
> It gets tagged as a dupe

That's OK.  As long as one of the two QSOs in your log with KB0EEE matches
a QSO in KB0EEE's log (it doesn't matter which one) KB0EEE will still 
get credit for the QSO (assuming he copied all your information correctly.)
In fact, in your example, KB0EEA will also still get credit for working you
(assuming he copied your information correctly,) even though you logged 
him wrong, but you will receive a B (for busted callsign) penalty for
the first QSO.
> Now...
> But during log checking they will come to see that I busted EEA/EEE  --
> negative points happen ok that?s gud.
> Then does the REAL EEE become an-unDupe and I get credit?
> How does this all work?
> 73
> Jacq NE?O ex wv0q
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