[CQ-Contest] Packet/Dx summit spots

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 4 19:39:43 EST 2003


I have to side with TTT on this one.

People have to understand that not everybody in a contest has the same
propagation as they: a G on 75 is pretty mundane for an east coaster. A G on
75 can be a once-in-a-susnpot-cycle rarity for us. If you're playing in a
class that permits spot-watching, chasing these kinds of spots can add rare
mults to your 75 m total. Even on 40 meters Europe is not a sure thing from
here. On 160, you're damn lucky if you can work a Floridian, never mind a

And, as David says, what's not a new mult for one is a new mult for another.
Who's to be the judge of what's a new mult for me other than me?

I guess the key is this: if you don't like packet clutter, run unassisted.

73, kelly
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> > Overheard during the CQ WW CW weekend on 15 meters: " Boy I'll be glad
> > when
> > the contest is over so we can go back to real DXing".
> >
> > Looking at the bulk of the spots I agree.  KP4, G, F, and PY spots are
> > rare or semi rare DX.
> > Packet/DX Summit should be limited to possible new mults on each band
> > (especially 20, 15, and 10).  Seems many spots are to build a QSO count.
> and that is bad??  remember, during a contest, even a G is a new mult for
> everyone on each band at some point, and may be very hard to work for many
> on some bands.  even a W is a new mult for everyone on each band also.
> and contest logging programs now have features called 'bandmaps' which
> help sort out not only who is a new mult, but a new qso, or just a dupe so
> you can tune over them without wasting time figureing out who they are.
> with the mostly internet backbone now there is no reason to limit spots
> for bandwidth reasons. combining all those it makes more sense to spot
> everything to help maximize everyones score and fun.  if you would prefer
> to only see spots for 'rare' dx set your filters to only show the
> countries you still need for 6 band waz or whatever you consider rare.
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