[CQ-Contest] Packet/Dx summit spots

k1ttt at arrl.net k1ttt at arrl.net
Thu Dec 4 06:45:56 EST 2003

> Overheard during the CQ WW CW weekend on 15 meters: " Boy I'll be glad
> when
> the contest is over so we can go back to real DXing".
> Looking at the bulk of the spots I agree.  KP4, G, F, and PY spots are not
> rare or semi rare DX.
> Packet/DX Summit should be limited to possible new mults on each band
> (especially 20, 15, and 10).  Seems many spots are to build a QSO count.

and that is bad??  remember, during a contest, even a G is a new mult for
everyone on each band at some point, and may be very hard to work for many
on some bands.  even a W is a new mult for everyone on each band also. 
and contest logging programs now have features called 'bandmaps' which
help sort out not only who is a new mult, but a new qso, or just a dupe so
you can tune over them without wasting time figureing out who they are. 
with the mostly internet backbone now there is no reason to limit spots
for bandwidth reasons. combining all those it makes more sense to spot
everything to help maximize everyones score and fun.  if you would prefer
to only see spots for 'rare' dx set your filters to only show the
countries you still need for 6 band waz or whatever you consider rare.

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