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Cooper, Stewart coopers at odl.co.uk
Fri Dec 5 13:20:21 EST 2003

Hello Keith et al,
I was called by many many dupes at GZ7V last weekend. Even by a certain big
east coast MM entry. As to why people consistently managed to call me more
than once I put down to them not checking, and simply working their way up
the band working everyone as they went. Not so much search and pounce, more
trawl and shout. I also reckon that they had the wrong call already in the
And, I found that when I was searching and pouncing, I had a devil of a job
to get GZ7V over to casual operators. I hate to think what the UBN is going
to look like. There are at least 10 stations who did not complete with me
'cos I moved on up - they couldn't get G7ZV out of their heads! 
On reflection, I suppose (in the case of GZ7V) most of the dupes were
because people were logging the wrong call.

GM4AFF/GZ7V last weekend

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Hi Pete,
Yep, agreed. I thought of this one after I had made my post. It is
particularly an issue at times when I am likely not to be loud, band just
opening or closing, and of course for different reasons on split SSB on
40m!(but that's another story). My response is to ask whom they think
they've just worked, stop and listen to see if someone else is using the
frequency and give my call extra slow several times. The SSB equivalent of
sending too fast might be the tendency to slur when tired and tongue-tied.
73 Keith GM4YXI/GM7V

At 06:02 PM 12/4/03 +0000, Dr K Kerr wrote:
>>Hi Jim,
>>If I am getting a lot of dupe calls I ask myself:
>>Is there a bum spot out on me on the cluster?
>>Am I unintelligible....crap signal, sending too fast?
>>Am I not signing often enough?
>>I worked CT9L, dunno if it was you ever as op when I did, and I cannot
>> answer any of the above questions!!
> If I'm not rare, then when I'm duped by someone the first question I ask
>  myself is "Did he think he was working somebody else?  Was the timing
> just  a little off, or the frequency, or can I hear someone he might
> have worked  instead of me."  Sometimes, admittedly, I don't ask that
> when the first guy  dupes me, but if I suddenly get a flurry, especially
> on the high bands...
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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