[CQ-Contest] dupes

Jim Fitzpatrick jhfitzpa at wiscmail.wisc.edu
Fri Dec 5 13:19:51 EST 2003

I duped a few stations this weekend, maybe 5 or 6.

Most of them were due to me mistyping the station's callsign in the call 
field the second time I worked them. And of course they come up as not 
having been worked before. So I think some of this duping is not as 
malignant as it might seem to some.

One other was when I worked a guy a second time after he had not signed his 
call for several minutes, just threw my call in there hoping he might be a 
country mult (he was from a fairly rare zone). This is a whole other issue. 
Folks like Jose P40E, Jeff KP3Z and Jim ZD8Z sign their call after every 
QSO and consistently come out on top. What are these others who seldom sign 
trying to accomplish ? They are certainly not being more efficient, and 
they just are making people mad. They lose QSOs from those who move on in 
frustration, some of whom may be mults for them,  and dupe a lot of others 
when they could be working someone new.

I played around in WW Phone for a couple of  hours just DXing. The best 
moment was when I came across a zone 33 station who was working a large 
pileup at a fairly good rate without signing his call. I was fascinated and 
actually timed him working stations without signing for 4 (that's FOUR) 
full minutes. I didn't count, but he must have worked at least 20 stations. 
So I threw my call in there a few times and he came back to me, "WI9WI 59 
33." I said, "59 04, and give me your call, I don't have packet." He came 
back laughing and told me. It was the CN2.

73 to all

Jim WI9WI (the other WI)

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