[CQ-Contest] RE: My Friend Spotted me

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Fri Dec 5 22:23:56 EST 2003

> At 09:56 PM 12/4/03 -0800, Leigh S. Jones wrote:
> >We can see a pattern of "my friend
> >spotted me" type abuses, even clear instances of "friends"
> >who are seen to be hiding their true identities while spotting,
> >but can't clearly distinguish between "friends" spotting and
> >organized and extensive "friends" spotting or self-spotting.
> This may be, but doesn't hiding your identity suggest that the person
> doing
> it believes he's doing something wrong?  These, above all, deserve to
> exposed.  Unfortunately, it may take a total restructuring of the
> to provide the information to do that, for all the reasons Leigh

that is a key point that maybe I should spell out in future analysis
messages.  While there are valid reasons for strange ip address traces,
the pattern of deception is what really what makes the ones I flag stand
out.  If you weren't trying to deceive someone why would you use
multiple callsigns to generate spots?

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