[CQ-Contest] Fwd: Advisory Committee Ground Rules

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Tue Dec 9 19:12:55 EST 2003

Re our recent discussion about the ARRL 160, I just received the following 
from the Chairman of the Membership Services Committee, which oversees the 

>Thanks for directing your question to me and for the good holiday wishes.  I
>also appreciate your knowledge of the issue and that you stated your case so
>You asked:  "I've been told that the advisory committees can discuss or study
>issues [at their own initiative], and that they can make suggestions or
>requests to the Membership Services Committee as to matters that should be
>studied.   I've further been told that they may not conduct a study on
>their own and release the results as a committee to anyone but the
>MSC.  Can you confirm or clarify?"
>I can confirm this.  What you have stated is pretty much the case.
>You also wrote:  "Does this even rise to the level of a CAC or MSC issue, or
>could Dan Henderson do this on his own authority, since it does not involve a
>rule change, just the content of the write-up?  If it does take an MSC
>decision, should interested contesters raise the issue with their CAC reps or
>with their Directors, both or neither?"
>Because of the limitted space issue, Dan would not be able to accomplish what
>you are asking for in QST.  However, he could very well increase the space
>allotted on the web site.  If that is what you are looking for, I let me know
>and I'll get with Wayne, N7NG, and see what we can work out.
>To change the coverage in QST, the CAC could look at it.  If you would like
>the CAC to do that, I recommend that you contact your CAC representative or
>your director.  The CAC can discuss it informally and then make a
>recommendation to the MSC if they feel a formal consideration is warranted.
>If you quote this e-mail, please quote it in its entirety.  I hate it when
>things get taken out of context.  ;-)
>73 and all the best to you and your's for the holidays.
>MSC Chairman

73, Pete N4ZR
Happy Holidays
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