[CQ-Contest] Contesters selling stolen software--first notice

W. Wright, W5XD w5xd at writelog.com
Wed Dec 10 03:31:23 EST 2003

Fellow contesters,
I spend quite a bit of my discretionary time developing software that some
of you use. My choice is to continue to do so only as long as I get some
money in return. If it is your choice that WriteLog costs more than it is
worth, then the only ethical thing for you to do is to run one of the other
less costly packages.

Certain thieves in Russia are not satisfied with this arrangement, however,
and I am deeply saddened that the community of hams and contesters that I
have been a part of for 30+ years has degenerated to this point. A thief who
actually calls himself a ham is generating WL registration codes and selling

This notice is first to remind you of the WriteLog sign-on notice: if you
"purchased" a WriteLog registration from anyone except K5DJ, that you are in
possession of stolen goods and that I demand that you delete the software
and recommend you go back to your supplier and to your money back. Many
contest sponsors require you to affirm a statement that you complied with
your country's regulation during the contest, so that award that you won
while running stolen software is just as fraudulent as if you had logged
fake calls or spotted yourself on packet.

On a personal note, its one thing to be violated by an enemy, but it hurts a
little more to be violated by someone from the contesting community where I
used to think I was among friends. With self spotting packet cheaters,
stolen software, and high power, someone please remind me why I should be
nudging my friends and my children into the contesting community?

Back to net.
Wayne, W5XD

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