[CQ-Contest] Sprint Date Change

Hal Offutt Hal at japancorporateresearch.com
Fri Dec 12 08:11:53 EST 2003


I'm not as ticked off as Scott (maybe 'cause I can't do as well in the
Sprints as he) but I am another victum of this change.  I always consider
the contest calendar when scheduling my trips and try as much as possible to
be home for the good CW contests.  Of course I often don't succeed but in
fact, I scheduled myself to return to the US on Feb 4, and one factor was
the Sprint date.  I've missed most Sprints in recent years and it won't kill
me to miss another, but please sponsors take a look at the calendar several
years out and if a change needs to be made, give us at least six months'

I agree that not overlapping with a RTTY contest is a major advantage.  It
seems like more and more CW events have been affected by the growing number
of RTTY contests.


Hal W1NN

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