[CQ-Contest] /MM in ARRL 10

Kenneth E. Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
Fri Dec 12 08:58:12 EST 2003

    Since I lost credit for a maritime mobile contact (and mult) in
last year's 10 Meter Contest, I was wondering what the proper way to log 
these in a Cabrillo file is.  Using my own call as an example, do I log
a maritime mobile station in ITU Region II as:

WM5R     59  2
WM5R/MM  59  2         <-------------- the format I used last year
WM5R     59  Region II
WM5R/MM  59  Region II
WM5R     59  Region 2
WM5R/MM  59  Region 2
WM5R     59  R2
WM5R/MM  59  R2        
something else?

How you log this is not specified in the contest rules or the online Cabrillo
documentation, and my request for clarification from the Contest Branch 
(after I received my UBN report) was never answered.  I should have asked 
this a week or two ago, but I only now thought of it...  So, for those of 
you who didn't lose credit for a maritime mobile station, how did you
log the ITU zone exchange information?

FWIW, the lost QSO and mult didn't didn't change where I finished in the 

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