[CQ-Contest] Contest computer - here's what I did

K4SB k4sb at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 12 15:11:04 EST 2003

Pete Smith wrote:
> and don't try to move a hard drive from one machine to another
> and expect the operating system and applications to work because "it all
> worked together before."  The registry problems will turn your hair white,
> what you have left after pulling most of it out.

If Pete is speaking of different O/Ss, I would agree 100%. However, if
the 2 O/Ss are the same, say Win98SE, there should be absolutely no
problems. 1 exception, if the other MB had specialized drivers ( such
as a built in sound card ) which came with the machine,these should be
removed before transfering the HD.

Another thought. REGCLEAN.exe is a Microsoft utility available from
their WEB site, which even if you directly transferred the HD with old
MB utilities on it. It automatically ( shudder ) fixes errors in the

Combine these with utilities such as Norton System works, and there
should be no white hair.

Of course, the best solution, and this supports Pete's thinking, is to
format the HD and then reinstall the O/S. One thing I do is always
partition the HD into C and D partitions. Original software downloaded
free is always kept on the D drive. And in a specific case of
Writelog, I keep a copy of the Write Log key and ini file on the D
drive. Reinstalling WL in this case is a simple matter of running the
install, and then copying the keys over. 

And of couse, you "do" have your original store bought software?? 


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