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> What happens with K1CC/KH6 who was sending a SN from HI,  I didn't try to
> get him to change his exchange just worked him and logged what he sent.  He
> doesn't show in the Log as a mult, but it turns out that was the only  KH6
> mult I worked and it isn't shown,  Will the checkers program to pick him up
> as the correct Mult.
> Quack

I asked similar question to Dave (K8CC) during the 10M contest as the rules 
are quoted differently depending on what you're reading. Here was my question 
and his response.
I believe you mentioned you're one of the log checkers for the 10M contest. I 
noticed a rules publication conflict that you should be aware of and maybe 
pass it along to whoever you feel should know.
In the 2003 ARRL 10 Meter Contest Announcement, Nov 2003 QST:
" Quirks......KH6 and KL7 participate as state entities rather than DX 
And on the ARRL website, 2003 ARRL 10M Contest Rules:
Sec 5.2.3 - "KH6 and KL7 participate and count as DXCC countries".
I have worked KH6/KH7 stations using both ways this weekend and that is going 
to cause some log checking and scoringconfusion. Personally, I have entered 
what was sent knowing darn well it may bite me in the rear. Comments? Tnx!
73, Bob K8IA
in the shadow of the Superstition Mtns
Arizona USA


You are correct - that is what section 5.2.3 says.  However, in other 

4.1 W/VE stations (including Hawaii and Alaska) send signal report and 
state or province (District of Columbia stations send signal report and DC).

as well as:

5.2. Multipliers: (per mode, phone and CW).

5.2.1. Each US state (excluding KH6 and KL7) and the District of Columbia.

With regards to scoring, it doesn't really matter whether they're counted 
as states or DXCC countries, but they can't count for both.  We count them 
as states (as per the rules).

We had this same problem last year.  The QST writeup had the "participate 
and count as DXCC countries" statement and we had KH6s/KL7s sending serial 
numbers, despite the fact that the format has been the same (and not 
changed) for probably two decades.  The ARRL fixed that, but they 
overlooked 5.2.3, which contradicts even their own rules.

IMHO, people should have gotten it right since three of four places where 
it's mentioned got it right.

I'm copying this note to N1ND to let him know he has to get 5.2.3 out of 
the rules.  Don't worry about your log - for this year I guess we'll have 
to re-use our utility from last year (I hope I didn't trash it) which 
corrects all the logs (i.e., substitutes HI/AK for a QSO nr).

Thanks for pointing this out.




Looks like we'll all be ok. 

73,Bob K8IA
someplace near Apache Junction, Arizona USA
in the shadow of the Superstition Mtns 

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