[CQ-Contest] The good headphones for contest

Jeff Stai WK6I wk6i at twistedoak.com
Thu Dec 18 16:36:48 EST 2003

At 01:26 PM 12/18/2003, Samir Popaja wrote:
>Anyone know of some really comfortable headphones with good audio?  
>Something you can wear for 48 hours and not have 
>"headphone head" when your finished?  I'm using Kenwood HS-6 on YAESU
>FT-990 with bad results. How is impedance important?
>Thanks in advance for your advice. 

hi - I think you seek the Holy Grail - but if you do find it let us all know...;-)

My solution has been to get two decent pairs of headphones - one is over the 
ear and one is on the ear. I can wear each for 3-4 hours (which is a long 
time if you think about it) before I want to tear them off my head (I wear 
glasses and have a large head, so nothing really works). By trading off 
these two pairs during a contest, I can have one part of my ears getting 
tired while the other is getting rest.

hope this helps! - jeff wk6i

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