[CQ-Contest] The good headphones for contest

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Thu Dec 18 23:52:26 EST 2003

> On 18 Dec 2003 Samir Popaja wrote:
> > Anyone know of some really comfortable headphones with good audio?
> > Something you can wear for 48 hours and not have "headphone head" when
> > your finished?  I'm using Kenwood HS-6 on YAESU FT-990 with bad
> > results. How is impedance important? Thanks in advance for your
> > advice.
> >
> > Samir, 7S7V (SM7VZX)
> > Also T94BO, ex YU4BO, YU4EJC (4N4A)

> >
> > Samir Popaja 7S7V (SM7VZX)
> > http://www.7s7v.tk
> > Lettlandsgatan 2B
> > SE-214 31 Malmö
> > Sweden
> >
> >
A couple of years ago, a pair of Radio Shack headphones I had been using
broke and no amount of epoxy seemed to be able to keep them together.  While
in the local Walgreen's (drug store), I noticed an audio accessories display
near the film lab.  I found a pair of Sony headphones (over the ear) for
$20, MDR-CD60.

Since I hadn't replaced the RS phones, I figured these would work until I
bought a 'real' pair.

I've been using them ever since.

I even went back a couple of weeks later and bought a back-up pair.

Audio sounds good, headphone cushions don't cause excessive sweating,
headphone element fabric if off the ear, and they are light.

They seem fragile, but I haven't broken them yet, in spite of snagging the
cable and pulling them to the floor from time to time.  I don't think they
weigh more than 6 or 8 oz;

I know there are more 'professional' amateur headphones out there.  These
seemed like a readily available and economical alternative.

dale, kg5u

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