[CQ-Contest] Contest computer - here's what I did

Hanlon, Steve SHanlon at dnr.state.md.us
Fri Dec 19 07:42:27 EST 2003

i bought teh $6.00 headphones from Mouser 6 years ago.  i still use them today and they feel good on my ears.  i had the sony studio monitors, but broke the arm.  i've gone thru numerous hi end headphones for music production too.  the $6.00 headphones seem to have a notch in the upper end that makes them less fatiguing for long listening.

a quick look at their website reveals they are no longer available.  i wish i had bought 2 pairs of these.

i am wanting to move to a headset with boom mic, but i'm worried that the Heil will be like the Sony products.  they usually are too big for my brain tray.


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