[CQ-Contest] 10M trucker-busting old fogies

Mark S. Williams k9gx at n4gn.com
Sat Dec 20 06:01:40 EST 2003


The FCC has a link for reporting such instances. Seems like I saw it in the
January '04 QST. I'll dig it up and post it here.

This week alone I've experienced at least 3 instances where truckers running
considerably more power than the "legal limit" were running enough power to
get into the audio system in my vehicle. Unfortunately all 3 cases occured
while I was on a local interstate...at night. I tend to keep my hands on the
wheel and eyes on the road while driving at highway speeds...so I didn't
write down the tag numbers.

I guess the best/worst CB story I can relate goes back to about 1985. I work
in the broadcasting business. I was on the air on a local AM station one
afternoon  when one of these 18 wheel multi-kilowatts stopped at the
intersection outside our studios. The stations were in a downtown location.
Just as I opened the mic to deliver the weather forecast ol' Billy Bob keyed
up his power mic on the big channel 19 and started spewing a very colorful
string of "Fs" and "MFs". Our audience was treated to a few seconds of very
colorful language before I had the presence of mind to turn off my mic and
roll the latest hit by Alabama.

As you can probably guess...I have a very warm spot in my heart for these

I'll find that FCC link and post it here...or check the latest QST...I think
it's in there.

Happy Holidaze!

Mark S. Williams
k9gx at n4gn.com
Elizabeth, In

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