[CQ-Contest] 10M trucker-busting old fogies

Mark Beckwith mark at concertart.com
Fri Dec 19 16:45:19 EST 2003

>Go mobile and see if you might can track them down but
>do not confront them if you find them.  Take a license
>number and go from there.

Seems to me like a hobby made up of people with an average age of 55 (or
whatever we are) should be able to muster a good team of vigilant old fogies
to go out and write down some license numbers.

I bet if every one of us did this two times in the next year and submitted
the license numbers to the ARRL/FCC, the problem would be gone in a year.

The ARRL has told the rank and file (us) "in order for us to do anything
about it, get us some DATA, please."  That would be dates, times, locations,
frequencies, vehicle descriptions, you know, the kind of things that can
actually get somebody in TROUBLE WITH THE LAW.  Can't expect the staff at HQ
to do everything, you know.  We are ideally situated (i.e. all over the map)
to nail these guys.  We're all sitting around waiting for somebody else to
do it.  (Well, most of us anyway).

Dave (TTT), any ideas for how we could get organized?  I'm sure you haven't
given it a moment's thought  :)



Sorry, I guess this may be getting a little off topic for some people's
tastes, but if anybody can do this, we can.

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