[CQ-Contest] CB QRM in 10m test (opposite)

Robert Pack (NX5M) nx5m at txcyber.com
Fri Dec 19 16:17:34 EST 2003

I observed several of these guys on earlier today.  Highest frequency I
found was 28255 although I have heard thim at 28605 before.
Seems to me that these guys have to be close to some ham somewhere.   Maybe
a bunch of people could get on 10m and listen to these guys when the band is
not open.  If the band is not open and you can still hear them they have to
be somewhat closeby.  Go mobile and see if you might can track them down but
do not confront them if you find them.  Take a license number and go from
I found one this way about a year ago.  Heard this AM signal on 28045 when
the band was dead.  The two mobiles were northwest of me and getting
stronger as time passed which told me they were heading southeast down the
nearest highway.  I headed out with my mobile rig and drove toward them.  I
met them about 6 miles up the road.  Turned around and followed them long
enough to get a license number and  the company name off the side of the
trucks (dumptrucks).  Luckily I was on a 4-lane highway which made it easy
to pass them by to where I could read the name on the door.  I even heard
one of them say as I passed: "There goes one of them ham radio operators."
I contacted the company directly and told them that if they cannot put a
stop to this illegal operation I would turn this info in to the FCC.
Whether any action was taken on their part I do not know but I have to admit
that I have not heard them since and they must travel this same highway
somewhat regularly because I have seen the same trucks from time to time.  I
also believe these trucks are loading at a road-base production facility
just 5 miles south of my qth.
So as I say, these ops (if you can call them ops) have to be close to some
ham every time they are on the air.  And I agree with ttt that trying to qrm
them is a waste of time.  Even if successful qrm'ing them they will just
chang the channel and be on another illegal frequency.  I suggest everyone
do more monitoring and if you can find them, get the information and take
action that way.....but do not transmit with them or try to confront them.
Lets not compromise our good standing.  Just go through the proper channels
(no pun intended).
And if anyone has any idea of "going through the proper channels" let all of
us know so that we all can use the same standard.  The route I took in the
above incident  might or might not have worked...but it was a start.
I had to leave a frequency in the 10m contest due to this qrm.  It really
hacks me off!!!

Bob NX5M

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> > I have often thought that when the big gun stations have nothing to do
> > between contests they should spend a few hours each day looking for
> > CBers on 10.  When they find one, get on its freq and call CQ using RTTY
> > until the pirate QRTs.  Then find another one and repeat.  Why RTTY?
> >  It's probably more annoying than CW and they would have no idea of
> > where it is coming from.  Well, a few hours a day is asking a lot.
> >  Might be fun to try it a little, though.
> try if you want, but there are a couple things to remember.
> first, the truckers and even many of the base stations i have heard on 10m
> are very close together.  the truckers that hang out around 28085 are
> often running head to tail down the road commenting on things they are
> passing.  because of this you will not interfer with who they are talking
> to unless you are very close to them.
> second, rtty is not very annoying if you are on AM as most of them are.
> If you listen to a single rtty station with your radio in AM it sounds
> like a dead carrier, maybe with some small clicks.  CW is much more
> annoying.  someone has been putting their AFSK on AM instead of SSB on
> 28085, unfortunately i don't think this is a legal mode... his intention
> is obviously good, but the execution could be improved.  someone else also

> yells at them 'this is not a cb channel' most of the time they never hear
> him or are very good at ignoring the interference.
> finally, in some areas people are trying to df or identify these guys from
> their transmissions and the intentional qrm doesn't help with that effort.
>  so my recommendation is that if you have something to do, or really want
> to call cq on top of them in order to hold a real qso then do it... but
> just sitting there trying to qrm them is basically wasting your time and
> may be hindering df or identification operations.  if you happen to be
> close enough that they can hear you it may be better to spend a bit of
> time tracking them down and getting them reported to the authorities.
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