[CQ-Contest] OK RTTY test (or not?)

n9qqk at urbancom.net n9qqk at urbancom.net
Sat Dec 20 22:04:25 EST 2003

Turned on the radio a half hour ago (Dec 20 00:20Z), and heard JA1BNW
calling "CQ OK-RTTY".  Worked him, and decided to play.  Found a freq
and started calling "CQ OK TEST"  worked 7 JA's and VR2BG, getting
corrrect contest reports from all of them.  Only then did a kind (tho
illegal, as he didn't ID) soul inform me that the test had ended at

The question is, are JA's (and Brett also) too polite to tell someone that
they're off a day? (hi)

Oh well, nine rtty Q's in the log.  Plus this is the 1st time VR2BG called

Let me know when the next test REALLY starts.


Ron - N9QQK

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