[CQ-Contest] Re: [UK-CONTEST] FT1000 or FT1000MP? (LONG)

Clive GM3POI gm3poi at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 30 14:39:53 EST 2003

Hi Steve,
I have had all three rigs you are thinking about. I have still got my
FT1000D however it has a few mods for diversity and cross mod both of which
are easy to do.
    The MP I had was new, when the MK5 came along I went with the new rig
because I had had problems on the MP during large signal events  with cross
mod. The MK5 turned out to be at least as bad as the MP so that also has
gone the way of the MP.
    I frankly think both rigs are Comparative  junk. After all Yaesu has had
in excess of 10 years to eliminate easy IMD improvements to all the top
range rigs together with the 10 year old key clicks. But even today the MK5
still has part of its NB circuit IN Circuit when the NB is switched off,
together with it's inherited key clicks.
    My advise is dump the MP and avoid the MK5. Instead add at least two
mods to your 1000,
namely add a small relay using the Dim push switch that puts the main VFO
O/P also over to the sub Rx, thereby ganging the two VFOs ideal for
Diversity. The IMD mod that Yaesu has failed to come up with consists of 2
diodes and a resistor, this halves the gain of the NB stage that is
operational when switched off  and improves the IMD of the 1000d by about
      The 1000D has a slight click problem but nowhere near as bad as the
later models an is another item that has been cured, I hasten to add not by
Yaesu but by W8JI (see www.W8JI.com) I have also seen a Xverter O/P mod for
the 1000D as well somewhere so that also exists.
73 HNY Clive GM3POI

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> Seasons greetings to all.
> I would appreciate people's view as to whether I should keep my 2 year
> old FT1000 (non D) radio, or the mint condition FT1000MP which I bought
> in December. I bought the latter in order to carry out some a/b tests
> over Christmas holiday, and to also compare with the rx of my ic7400
> (mainly used on 6 and 2m) and a friend's ic756proII.
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