[CQ-Contest] Re: [UK-CONTEST] FT1000 or FT1000MP? (LONG)

Bob Henderson bob at cytanet.com.cy
Tue Dec 30 22:41:49 EST 2003

Steve Jones wrote:

>I am equally interested in
>honest opinions from people who have switched from the MP to a MK5 or
>MK5Field recently - ie perceived advantages and the actual experience
>after switching. 

My current SO2R set-up is an early FT1kMP together with an FT1kMP Mk V 
Field.  To be fair I am not much of a phone operator, my experience is 
therefore more related to use on CW and RTTY.

I don't find too many differences between the MP and the Field and 
together they have served me pretty well.  Having said that, the filter 
selection scheme on the MP is much better (more flexible) than the Field.

Despite the ARRL review showing deteriorated BDR on the Mk V compared to 
the earlier MP, I have not noticed that in practice.

Very much a CW thing but both the MP and the Mk V Field are clicky.  I 
had greater sucess in modding the MP than the Field to cure this.

I haven't found the manufacturer's claimed improvements in the Mk V 
Field compared to the MP to provide any kind of useful benefit.

For reasons of the filter selection scheme and click fix, if I could 
only keep one of these radios I would keep the earlier MP.  Conversely, 
if I was looking to buy MPs, I would look for used original MPs rather 
than new or used Mk Vs.

As for the full Mk V, I didn't need 200W and I couldn't and still can't 
see any other reason to buy one.  Even then, I would need to feel I 
REALLY needed 200W to even consider it.

My thoughts FWIW.


Bob, 5B4AGN, P3F

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