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Milt Jensen, N5IA n5ia at zia-connection.com
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Hello folks,

IMHO, the BEST way to go these days is with the Cimp on "N" connectors.  I
use them extensively in everyday work up to an including 2.4 gHz.

Buy LMR-400 cable at about 60 cents per foot.  Low loss,  high level of
shielding, and little opportunity for water ingress.

The crimp on male "N" connectors cost about $7 and are a two piece device.
The center pin is captive, and therefore NO chance of misalignment.  The
cable is prepared (1 minute job) and inserted into the body of the
connector.  The ferrule then slips down over the bared portion of the braid,
and is clipped into place.  Excellent electrical and mechanical connection.
The connector kit also includes a piece of heat shrink tubing to seal the
cable/connector transition area.

The crimp on female "N" connector is about $4.50, and is a three piece
device.  Assembly is the same as the male with the exception that the female
center pin is crimped on the center conductor prior to inserting it into the
body of the connector and then crimping the ferrule.

The crimp tool costs about $80.00.  The same pricing, assembly, etc. is
available for "N" connectors fitting the LMR-240 cable which is ideal for
jumpers in the shack.  Other connectors are available (TNC, BNC, UHF, etc.)
if you have such requirements.
Larger cable (LMR-600, LMR-900) etc. is available at
http://www.davisrf.com/comm1/hardline.htm and also see
http://www.ntx-comm.com/lmr-4001.htm .

I personally purchase all of my cable and connecters including crimp tools
from Talley Electroncis.   If anyone wants the exact part numbers for the
"N" connectors, male and female, for both sizes of cable (.400 and .240),
and the crimp too and dies, please contact me directly.

Milt, N5IA

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> >I hate
> >soldering pl-259's and expect to need a dozen or more cables made for
> >various upgrades planned for this summer.
> Do what I did 10 years ago: switch to type N connectors everywhere. They
> install with a pair of pliers and a 5/8 in. wrench[1], and have a better
> moisture seal and lower insertion loss than "UHF" connectors.
> Of course, some idiot just *had* to come up with a solder-on version of
> the N connector.  Do not let anyone try to sell you one of those.
> N connectors cost more than UHF connectors, but the extra buck or so is
> well worth the saving in assembly time, and you get a better performing
> connection as well.
> --lyndon
> [1] Yes, you still have to solder the center conductor to the center pin
>     on the connector. But, since the pin is seperate from the connector
>     body, you can do this before assembling the connector housing onto
>     the cable; it's really a no-brainer. And you can do N connector
>     replacements at the top of the tower without completely losing
>     your sanity (and fingers).
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